Code game Beach Ping Pong Babes VR (New)

Beach Ping Pong Babes VR is a novel and captivating virtual reality experience developed by the Undergrave Games team. This game takes players to a picturesque beach resort world, featuring white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Code game Beach Ping Pong Babes VR


Introduce Beach Ping Pong Babes VR

From the very beginning, players are drawn in by the romantic scenery and the professional beach tennis court. Beach Ping Pong Babes VR cleverly combines the sports of tennis and beach ping pong, creating a brand new and highly competitive game.

The standout feature of the game is the appearance of attractive and alluring female players, meticulously designed with enticing bikini outfits. These characters are not only beautiful but also professional players with skilled techniques, bringing intense and thrilling matches.

The sharp graphics and fast-paced nature of the matches provide a realistic experience akin to real-life competitions. Additionally, Beach Ping Pong Babes VR offers other entertaining activities such as challenging frisbee throwing, allowing players to relax and enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere.

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