Code The Land Beneath Us (New Update)

The Land Beneath Us is an adventure role-playing game. The player is a young explorer who wakes up in a cave, not remembering the past. The mission is to explore the origin of the strange land, overcome dangers, and find the reason for memory loss.

The game stands out with an extensive exploration and puzzle system. Players exploit diverse environments, from vast caves to underground cities, searching for clues and items. Interesting puzzles require reasoning, creativity, and combining multiple clues to solve. Intense action sequences challenge reflexes and combat skills.

A distinctive feature is the creative tool system, allowing unique environmental interaction. Players use various tools to explore, solve problems, and overcome obstacles. Skillfully combining tools opens up new paths.

Detailed underground environments with mysterious lighting create an aura of mystery. Excellent sound, dramatic background music, and vivid effects enhance the sense of realism.

The Land Beneath Us promises a dramatic, challenging adventure experience with an engaging, surprising story.

Combining exploration, puzzles, and unique action, the game conquers the passion for adventure and the desire to uncover the secrets beneath the earth.

Code game The Land Beneath Us


About game The Land Beneath Us

The Land Beneath Us is a turn-based roguelite action game. You explore the mythological Underworld of Annwn as the Ultimate Soul Harvester. Your mission is to battle creatures with weapons and combos.

The gameplay involves planning moves through levels, chaining combos to damage enemies. You wield melee weapons like axes and ranged weapons like pistols and spears.

You interact with Underworld denizens, learning their tales to shape your path. Replay levels to collect souls from foes, using them to enhance stats and unlock new abilities for your playstyle. Master combos for close-range combat or invest in long-range skills for a methodical approach.

Unravel secrets of this mythological world as you fight through encounters in your quest for redemption. The Underworld depths await.

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