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Abiotic Factor is an ecological simulation game. It takes players to Earth before life began. As a scientist, you explore factors like climate, terrain, soil, and sunlight. These elements allowed life to exist.

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Introduce Abiotic Factor

The game blends intellectual challenges with stories of pioneering scientists. You experience tales, meet characters, and face situations utilizing your skills. Your decisions impact the story’s path, opening up varying outcomes.

Graphics and sounds immerse you in the primordial Earth world, with landscapes and nature sounds. This creates a memorable experience. Abiotic Factor teaches about preserving the environment and ecological balance. It shifts your perspective on the natural world and fuels a passion for unraveling mysteries.

Combining scientific knowledge, storytelling, and audiovisual experience, Abiotic Factor stands out. It’s for those craving exploration, learning, and intellectual challenges.

Whether solving puzzles or getting lost in stories, Abiotic Factor offers an engrossing journey. Step into a trailblazing researcher’s shoes, expand your understanding, and reshape your connection with nature’s wonders. It’s more than a game – an adventure that redefines how you see our planet.

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