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Creative director Supergiant Games, producer of the popular roguelike game Hades, has just announced the next part of this series – Hades II. The game is considered one of the most anticipated games this year and is receiving great attention from the gaming community around the world.

As fans know, the original Hades is a stunning work of digital art, perfectly combining hardcore roguelike gameplay and an engaging narrative based on Greek mythology. You play as Zagreus, the Prince of Hell, in an endless prison escape adventure, overcoming a series of difficult challenges to escape the hellish underworld and climb to the world of humanity. Cool graphic design, excellent music, and a deep storyline have helped Hades become a global phenomenon.

And now, Hades II is on its way to launch with promising predictions. According to what has been revealed, the game will continue after the huge storyline of the first game, as Zagreus has escaped from Hell and now faces new challenges in the Land of the Living – the human world under the control of the Olympian gods. The plot looks to delve deeper into Zagreus’ relationship with the children of Zeus and the new challenges he will face in this strange place.

In terms of gameplay, Supergiant has confirmed that Hades II will expand on the “bomb-like” roguelike combat system that made the first game famous. You will continue to fight through many different rooms with different attacks, abilities and strengths. However, the gameplay has been adjusted to suit the new context and challenges of the human world. Instead of trying to escape from prison, Zagreus will have to explore caves, ruined cities and even majestic mountain peaks.

Hades II

A number of new gameplay features have also been introduced with the aim of increasing variety and greater strategy. For example, Zagreus will have the ability to temporarily transform into a more powerful creature called “Blood Armor” thanks to the power of his ancestral blood. This will bring great advantages in battle but will not last forever. In addition, Zagreus will also be equipped with “Divine Skills”, allowing to activate temporary magical effects to help him overcome the most difficult challenges.

Regarding graphics and music, fans can be completely assured that Hades II continues to follow the lovely art style, colorful colors and melodious melodies that made the previous part a success. At the same time, the game seems to also fully exploit the theme of Greek mythology with background and character designs based on cities, caves and legendary creatures. Critics who previewed the trailer said they were impressed by the stunning graphics and upbeat music.

Hades II game code updated April 2024


Hades II game overview

The realm of the divine has been shaken to its core, and the immortal Princess of the Underworld finds herself thrust into a battle that transcends the boundaries of the known world. In the highly anticipated sequel to Supergiant Games’ acclaimed masterpiece, Hades II promises an epic journey that will captivate players with its rich storytelling, electrifying action, and boundless replayability.

As the daughter of the fearsome lord of the dead, you must harness the full might of Olympus and venture beyond the confines of the Underworld. A grander, more expansive mythical realm awaits, teeming with ancient secrets and formidable foes. Unleash your wrath upon the forces of the Titan of Time, whose insatiable hunger for power threatens to unravel the very fabric of existence.

In this ever-evolving odyssey, you’ll wield legendary weapons infused with the arcane arts of witchcraft, imbuing them with dark sorcery that can obliterate even the mightiest adversaries. With nearly limitless ways to forge your abilities, you’ll forge unbreakable bonds with the pantheon of Olympian gods, each bestowing upon you their divine boons and granting you extraordinary powers.

Prepare to mingle with a vibrant cast of fully-voiced, larger-than-life characters, some familiar faces from the previous adventure, and many new enigmatic souls. Forge deep connections through a myriad of interactions, and bear witness to countless unique story events that unfold in response to your triumphs and setbacks.

No two journeys through the ever-shifting Underworld will be alike, as new locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await with each foray. Unravel the mysteries of the Arcana Altar, tame witchy familiars, and gather arcane reagents using Tools of the Unseen, all in pursuit of your ultimate goal.

Thanks to a plethora of permanent upgrades and the return of the legendary God Mode, even mere mortals can experience the grandeur of Hades II. But for those who possess the fortitude of the divine, escalating challenges and greater rewards await, offering an opportunity to prove your true celestial worth.

True to Supergiant’s signature style, Hades II promises a rich, atmospheric presentation that seamlessly fuses responsive action with masterful storytelling. Immerse yourself in vivid, hand-painted environments, marvel at the even smoother real-time 3D character animations, and let your soul be enraptured by an electrifying original score that breathes life into this mythic world.

Forged with the lessons learned from the original Hades’ successful Early Access journey, Hades II invites players to be an integral part of its evolution. Your feedback will shape a series of Major Updates, introducing new features, characters, environments, and more as the game inches closer to its divine completion.

Brace yourself, for the gates of the Underworld have opened once more, and an odyssey of epic proportions awaits those brave enough to answer the call of the immortal Princess.

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