HUMANITY Codes (New)

In a world filled with violence and hatred, the new game HUMANITY from Studiohouse Games brings a fresh breeze, challenging players to face tough ethical issues. First, you embody Jack, a man suffering from the loss of his wife and child. With nothing left to lose, he joins a mysterious “game” with grueling ethical challenges.



Introduce HUMANITY

Initially, the choices seem simple like stealing or lying. Gradually, they become more difficult and complex. Should Jack betray his ideals to save a life? Or hold onto his ethics despite dire consequences? The inner conflict between reason, emotion, self-interest, and moral responsibility haunts him.

As he progresses, Jack’s decisions become increasingly difficult and persistent. At times, he has to accept painful losses, negotiate and creatively solve deadlock situations. His willpower helps him overcome dark temptations. By connecting with the main character, players fully feel the weight of critical choices.

HUMANITY’s uniqueness lies in not repeating itself with each playthrough. The challenges are always fresh and surprising, forcing players to be flexible and creative in problem-solving. This creates an appealing, unpredictable experience that tests individual ethical boundaries.

Alongside the gripping main story, HUMANITY integrates an engaging skill system, item collection, and puzzles, adding diversity. Winners are not only skilled problem-solvers but those who balance reason, heart, and courage when facing tough choices.

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