Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER Codes (New)

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER is an adventure game by MidBoss, following the game 2064: Read Only Memories. Set in a bright cyberpunk future, players assume the role of ES88, a telepath working for the organization MINERVA, tasked with tracking and capturing lost memories causing chaos in the city.

Code game Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER (Update)


Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER Introduce

The game focuses on puzzle-solving and investigation, with a unique memory-diving mechanism that requires meticulous attention. Players will use ES88’s abilities to explore others’ memories, find clues, and decode mysteries, making decisions that affect the story’s outcome.

The graphics of NEURODIVER maintain the distinctive pixel art style but with more detail and vibrancy. Each scene, from neon-lit streets to high-tech offices, is carefully designed. The game’s music, with its electronic tunes, enhances the mysterious and tense atmosphere.

Characters in the game are crafted with unique personalities and rich backstories. Interacting with these characters not only deepens understanding of the plot but also unveils new storylines, propelling the narrative. From trusted allies to dangerous foes, they all contribute to the diverse world of Read Only Memories.

NEURODIVER is not just an entertainment game but also carries a message about the connection between humans and technology. The game raises questions about ethics and responsibilities in using technology, exploring its impact on life. This encourages players to immerse themselves in the story while reflecting on real-world issues in the modern world.

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