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The First Descendant is a third-person shooter game that combines the looter shooter genre and role-playing elements, developed by Nexon. The game takes players into a colorful and mysterious sci-fi world on the planet Ingris, where humanity is fighting against the alien race Vulgus.

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Introduce The First Descendant

Players will play the function of a Descendant – fantastic warriors with precise competencies and combating styles. The spotlight of the sport lies withinside the various fight gadget and tough co-op missions. Players can take part in extreme gun battles, use unique competencies to create combos, and coordinate with teammates to defeat large bosses.

A rich weapon and equipment system and a deep upgrade mechanism allow players to continuously improve their character’s strength. The game’s graphics are impressive with epic scenes and eye-catching visual effects, from futuristic cities to mysterious wilderness. Character and monster models are meticulously and creatively designed.

Realistic sounds and epic records music contribute to developing an immersive atmosphere, assisting game enthusiasts immerse themselves in the game world. The captivating and mysterious plot revolves throughout the muse of the Descendant, the facts of Ingris and the conspiracy of Vulgus, motivating game enthusiasts to find out the game world.

The First Descendant also has some weaknesses. The mission system is sometimes repetitive, which can be boring. Balancing the power between Descendants is also a big challenge for developers.

The First Descendant is still a promising game with diverse gameplay, impressive graphics and engaging storyline. It promises to be a notable name in the shooting game industry, especially attractive to fans of the looter shooter genre and those who love the sci-fi world.

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