Blue Lock PWC Codes (Update)

Blue Lock PWC, known as the “Blue Lock Power Play Challenge,” is a football game that combines strategy and individual competition. Inspired by the Japanese manga Blue Lock, the game follows the journey to find the nation’s best striker. It attracts manga fans and football enthusiasts worldwide.

Code game Blue Lock PWC New Update


Introduce Blue Lock PWC game

Storyline and Gameplay

Blue Lock PWC offers a realistic football experience, from building a team and training players to participating in challenging matches. The game’s standout feature is the “Power Play Challenge” system, where players can execute moves that blend individual skills and team strategy.

Players start as a coach tasked with finding and training young talents to become top strikers. Each player in Blue Lock PWC has unique stats and skills, such as speed, technique, strength, and finishing ability. Players must understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses to arrange the team and build strategies.

Strategy and Experience

Blue Lock PWC is notable for its deep strategic element, requiring players to think like a real coach. Each match is a tactical challenge, demanding wise decisions from team selection and mid-game strategy changes to using special skills.

The game also features an online mode, allowing players to challenge other coaches worldwide. This creates competition and helps players learn new strategies and skills.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of Blue Lock PWC are praised for their realism, depicting players, fields, and on-field situations.

The sound is crafted with care, from the audience’s cheers and the referee’s whistle to the sound of the ball hitting. These elements create an intense football atmosphere, making players feel like part of a high-stakes match.

Training and Player Development:

Besides participating in matches, players can engage in training and player development activities. Blue Lock PWC offers a detailed training system that allows players to enhance their skills through various exercises and challenges. Players can also unlock and use special equipment to boost their players’ stats and abilities.


Blue Lock PWC is not just a football game but a strategic experience. With realistic graphics, vivid sound, and rich gameplay, Blue Lock PWC is an excellent choice for football lovers and those who want to test their coaching skills.

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