Tokyo Cooking Codes (New)

Food lovers, today everything is technological. But we can still find passion for the traditional art of baking. That’s why I want to introduce Tokyo Cooking – where you experience Japanese baking skills.

Latest Tokyo Cooking game code (2024)


Overview of the Tokyo Cooking game

When you start the game, you immerse yourself in a small bakery in the middle of Tokyo. This is the beginning of the journey to learn the art of Japanese baking. From the layout, selection of ingredients, to the baking process, everything is meticulously designed.

In Tokyo Cooking, you do not control the character remotely, but become the baker. You learn to sort the ingredients, mix them well, create flavors, and incubate the cake at the right temperature and time to have the perfect cake. The process is close to reality, requiring attention and patience.

The levels are not boring. You start with simple cakes, then go through the challenge of making green tea cookies, mochi, dorayaki and many other cakes.

The graphics and sound are very nice. The image of Japanese cakes is faithfully recreated. The sound of the cake rising from the oven makes you want to taste it.

Tokyo Cooking is all about slowness, enjoying every moment of baking. There is no violence or explosion scenes. Everything is gentle but no less attractive. The game leaves a feeling of affection for the traditional Japanese art of baking.

Healthy and safe game for all ages. The whole family can experience it together. Open your soul, feel the flavor of Japanese baking art, and discover the quintessence of the land of the rising sun’s cuisine through creative Tokyo Cooking.

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