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WARNO is Eugen Systems’ latest real-time tactics game. It depicts a hypothetical conflict between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces in 1980s Europe during the Cold War. The game simulates battles between the two sides after decades of confrontation.

Players command massive NATO or Warsaw Pact forces. The game features hundreds of accurately modeled weapons and vehicles like the M1 Abrams, T-72 tanks, Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, B-52 bombers, and Hind helicopters. Graphics, capabilities, and combat traits are realistic.

WARNO focuses on an intense storyline with tactical situations and turning points. The tactical system means decisions on force deployment, artillery, reconnaissance, and stealth tactics determine victory or defeat. The game recreates realistic European battlefields with rivers, forests, mountains, and cities. The weather system influences observation and tactics as conditions change hourly.

WARNO combines the tense Cold War theme with demanding tactical gameplay. It offers an immersive tactical experience conveying the devastating consequences of war. Fans of real-time tactics will appreciate this title.

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About game WARNO

Here is the rephrased version, applying Hemingway’s rules and minimizing the use of adjectives and adverbs:
Immerse in the Cold War depths with WARNO – Warning Order, a real-time strategy game succeeding the acclaimed Wargame series. Brace for the ultimate World War III battle simulator.

1989, a dark summer. Hardliners overthrew Gorbachev two years prior. NATO and Warsaw Pact tensions peaked, armies deployed in divided Germany. The Cold War nears its hottest point. All that remains is the warning order igniting all-out conflict. War comes home.

In WARNO, you command a customizable battlegroup, leading hundreds of Cold War units across tactical battlefields. Choose NATO or Warsaw Pact arsenals and test strategic prowess. Engage solo scenarios against AI, or join massive 10v10 online battles.

The true test lies in turn-based Army General campaigns. You’ll experience World War III erupting across Western Europe. Each decision sways victory or catastrophic defeat for your nation. Immense stakes guide strategic maneuvers and calculations.

WARNO delivers authenticity, meticulously recreating Cold War tension and stakes. Be immersed in an era defined by perpetual annihilation threat, the world’s future hanging.

With dynamic battlefields, a vast unit array, and a gripping campaign, WARNO transports you to an alternate history – the Cold War ablaze. Only the most skilled commanders emerge victorious from this ultimate strategic test. Battle lines are drawn; which side?

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